10 Amazing Ways Aloe Vera Revitalizes your Skin – Immortality Secrets from the Egyptians

Aloe Vera is a popular houseplant in many parts of the world, but it’s much more than decorative and ornamental greenery. The ancient Egyptians called it the Immortality Plant, growing it for a comprehensive array of medicinal and cosmetic uses.

It’s a medicinal plant with over 200 natural components used in multiple industries ranging from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to food and beverage processing. 

Total Activation Aloe ButterScience has shown that it’s beneficial for revitalizing the skin and protecting it from long-term damage. A variety of aloe species exist, all are medicinal and they’ve occupied a place in virtually every known culture.

Total Activation’s Aloe Butter provides you with the full benefits of Hawaiian aloe to hydrate, heal, soften and smooth. The aloe is sourced from generational plants with proven ability to reduce dryness, cracking and help heal damaged skin. It’s effective for delicate facial skin and can be used anywhere on the body.

The top 10 benefits of Hawaiian Aloe are:

Amino acids – Aloe is unique in that it contains 20 of the 22 essential amino acids your body requires to quell inflammation and fight bacteria, an especially important consideration if you have acne prone skin.

Antioxidants – The aloe plant is a rich source of antioxidants that helps mitigate damage from free radicals occurred from multiple sources and aids in minimizing the fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging. The result is skin that looks young, healthy and Total Activation Aloe Buttervibrant.

Cell growth – To maintain a healthy, glowing complexion it’s necessary to have a quick turnover of skin cells. Hawaiian aloe stimulates the growth of new cells for a fresher, firmer, more radiant appearance.

Enzymes – Inflammation is an element that often accompanies aging skin. Aloe contains eight enzymes that are effective for reducing inflammation, addressing psoriasis and eczema, and healing sun damaged skin.

Lightens and brightens – Damage from the sun and aging can result in dark spots, uneven skin tone and mottling that makes you appear far older than your years. Aloe Butter aids in lightening, brightening and smoothing your skin tone without harsh chemicals and assists in removing dead skin cells that makes your skin look dull and lackluster. It can also aid in fading acne scars.

Healing properties – The healing abilities of aloe are well documented and it’s been highly prized throughout the ages for its natural healing properties. It nourishes skin, accelerates healing, and can stimulate cell reproduction by up to eight times the average rate. Aloe Butter is effective in increasing collagen production that improves elasticity.

Minerals – Aloe contains an impressive assortment of vital minerals the body regularly utilizes, working in concert to boost metabolic processes. When applied to the skin, it’s easily absorbed and promotes cell rejuvenation.

Moisturizing – The humble aloe plant is an outstanding moisturizer that plumps and hydrates the skin that looks young and fresh. Aloe is beneficial for any skin type and it’s non-greasy, making it an ideal solution if you’re prone to oily skin.

Oxygenation – Aloe softens and hydrates skin, thereby allowing for better circulation, increased elasticity, and oxygen distribution to cells for stronger skin that glows. Better oxygenation and circulation provides your skin with a blush associated with health and youth.

Vitamins – Your body uses vitamin B-12 in the creation of DNA and it’s a potent antioxidant. Aloe contains vitamins A, C and E and has significant levels of vitamin B-12, all of which helps fight the effects of free radicals responsible for tired, saggy and dull looking skin.

Secrets of the Egyptians

Queen Cleopatra was famous for her use of aloe for obtaining glowing skin and that same blush of youth can now be yours with Total Activation’s Aloe Butter. The blend of Hawaiian aloe and rare botanical ingredients works to heal, protect and rejuvenate for a fresh-faced appearance. Perfect for any age and skin type, Total Activation’s Aloe Butter utilizes the immortality secrets of the Egyptians to give you radiant, revitalized skin today.