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10 Ways to Remove Dark Spots Under the Eyes – Naturally

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are common problems, but one of the most difficult to address. Those pesky discolorations are embarrassing, make you look tired, and much older than you feel. They can appear at any time, to anyone, at any age.

If you have dark under-eye circles and/or puffiness, Total Activation’s Miracle Eye Gel was developed specifically for you. It features a special blend of natural botanicals, vitamins, and TotalPeptides® to help you wake with beautiful eyes every morning.

The formulation cools, soothes, and improves circulation – the key to eliminating dark circles. It has the added benefit of diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. The skin around your eyes will be noticeably firmer, vibrant, and you won’t be the only one that notices the difference.

Under-eye discoloration can appear for any number of reasons, but there’s no need to see a cosmetic specialist, use harmful chemicals, or undergo a painful surgical procedure to rid yourself of the unsightly blemishes.

In addition to the Total Activation Miracle Eye Gel, there are numerous measures you can take to minimize puffiness and dark circles.

The Right Amount of Sleep

You have heard us say this over and over again, but the right amount of sleep is crucial. The optimal amount of sleep isn’t the same for everyone and getting too little or too much will cause dark circles. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep for younger looking eyes.

Elevate your Head

Circulation is the key to controlling under-eye circles. Reduced circulation causes fluid to pool under your eyes causing circles and bags to appear. Elevate your head slightly when sleeping to prevent fluid from collecting around your eyes.

Cold Compresses

You don’t have to use cucumber slices to alleviate dark circles – any cold compress will work. It’s not any inherent properties in the cucumber that alleviates discoloration, it’s the coolness. A cold washcloth or even a bag of frozen peas will work equally well.

Avoid Excess Sun

If you love the great outdoors and can’t stay inside, be sure to apply sunscreen liberally. Sun exacerbates dark circles that already exist and exposure to the sun’s rays increase melanin levels causing darkening of the skin.

Help For Skin to Look Toned and Hydrated

As you age, your body begins to produce less collagen resulting in thinner skin that allows veins to appear more prominently. An eye cream that moisturizes and promotes collage production can help with thinning. Applying a moisturizing and collagen building gel to under-eye circles is essential before applying make-up. This allows your skin to appear more toned and hydrated.

Stop Stressing

Stress affects the entire body and the effects will be most obvious on your face. When you’re stressed, it can cause small blood vessels under the eye to leak into surrounding tissues.

Minimize Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption

Both beverages act as a diuretic on the body, dehydrating it and drying the skin, resulting in puffiness and dark circles.

Total Activation Miracle Eye Gel

Easy On The Salt

Too much sodium in your diet can result in water retention, even under the eyes, making you look bloated and amplifying dark circles. Always use salt in moderation and be sure you maintain proper hydration.

Concealer May Help

Cosmetic concealers can help hide darkness lurking under your eyes, but they are only a temporary solution and won’t address the underlying problem that’s causing it.

Heredity And a Fair Complexion Play a Role

Your genetic composition can make you more susceptible to under-eye darkness and it’s more obvious if you have fair skin. Total Activation uses organic jojoba in its Miracle Eye Gel, a powerful and natural botanical that works to fade dark circles and condition skin. It’s blended with essential amino acids and vitamin E to protect, promote collagen production and provide antioxidants.

If you have dark under-eye circles and puffiness you don’t have to live with the effects. There are multiple precautions that you can take to minimize damage to your delicate under-eye area and Total Activation’s Miracle Eye Gel will put you on the path to lovely eyes that make you look as young as you feel.