10 Ways to Take 10 Years off Your Eyes

There is a wealth of methods available to make your eyes more beautiful and the skin around them more youthful looking, but before trying some expensive products, it’s always a good idea to investigate all your options.

Total Activation’s Miracle Eye Gel is a natural solution to minimize dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles with a specialized blend of antioxidant botanicals and hyaluronic acid.

Your eyes might make you look older than you are, through no fault of your own. Some people are born with a predisposition to developing dark circles due to heredity, but you don’t have to live with the condition. You can take preventative steps to minimize dark under-eye circles beginning with sufficient hydration.

Overcoming The Hollows

When your under-eye area is dark, it gives the eyes a hollow appearance. The skin beneath your eyes becomes drier and thinner as you age, thereby highlighting any shadows that exist. Moisturizing daily aids in preventing bags, sags and wrinkles.

Sunblock is Your Friend

You’ve probably heard it a million times by now but it’s still true – wear sunblock when you go out. The sun dehydrates your skin and is particularly detrimental to the eye area, accelerating the aging process. In addition to sunblock, use an under-eye gel rich in antioxidants and wear sunglasses.

Dietary Concerns               

What you place in your body will be reflected in your skin. Stay away from too much salt, alcohol and caffeine, all of which will give your eyes a puffy, unhealthy appearance. Alcohol and caffeine deplete the body’s liquid assets and contribute to dryness under and around the eyes.

Cool and Soothe

Using a cold compress on under-eye circles will cause tiny blood vessels beneath the eye to contract, making the eye area look firmer and less puffy. It’s a quick fix, but doesn’t offer lasting results like a good eye gel.

Allergies and Medications

If you suffer from allergies, nasal sprays and antihistamines can contribute to eye bags and dark circles. You don’t have to forgo feeling better, but finding the underlying cause of your allergies will help you address puffiness and darkness that goes along with seasonal allergies.

Be Careful With Brows

Tweezing too much hair from your brows gives the appearance of age-related loss – a sure sign of aging to others. It will draw attention away from the color of your beautiful eyes and redirect the gaze of others to even the lightest of shadows under your eyes, further enhancing the perception of aging.

Give Your Eyes a Make-Over

Your make-up can make you look far older than your actual years. Use colors that complement your complexion and coloring. Use darker shades of eyeliner on the upper lid and a lighter color with lower lashes to lighten the area, along with highlighting shadow on the crease to enliven the overall appearance. Darken brows if they’re sparse or greying. Until the underlying cause of your dark circles has been alleviated, use concealer.

Wear An Eye Mask

If the mere mention of an eye mask makes you envision 1930s celebrities, think again. Eye masks have evolved significantly and while they block out light for easier slumber, modern models are available to cool under-eye areas so you wake with less under-eye shadowing.

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Facial Fillers and Surgical Solutions?

If you’re determined to pursue some type of surgical procedure, no matter how minimally invasive it may be, you should know that they’re not permanent and will require regular re-treatments. Bruising and redness at treatment sites are common and while most require minimal downtime, other procedures can take weeks to fully heal.

Go Natural For Timeless Looking Eyes

Products with botanical ingredients are effective and won’t harm your skin. Total Activation’s Miracle Eye Gel is a natural way to beautify eyes that combines Western science and Eastern tradition to firm, lock in moisture and increase circulation around your delicate eye area to minimize dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines and wrinkles.

The area is naturally supple, allowing your eyes to show your delight in the world around you. As you age, the area becomes dry and fluid can pool beneath your eyes giving you an aged appearance.

Miracle Eye Gel works as a balm to fade shadows, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes and is equally effective on the surrounding area to minimize fine lines and wrinkles for gorgeous eyes.