3 Lessons for a Fulfilling, Long, Happy Life from a 75 Year Old Harvard Study

People seek many things for themselves during their lifetime. Fame, fortune, wealth and beauty almost always top the list of things that people feel would make their lives happy and satisfying.

A Harvard study spanning 75 years that tracked the lives of 724 men showed a distinctly different paradigm at work.

The Harvard Study of Adult Development is the only research project of its kind to follow participants throughout their lifetime. The study had two groups. One encompassed Harvard grads, many of whom joined the military to fight in World War II. The other group consisted of men from Boston’s poorest neighborhoods.

It turns out that good relationships are what keep us happier, healthier and more satisfied. Those who want to invest in their future best self actively cultivate good relationships with other individuals and their community. It’s a philosophy with which Total Activation agrees and takes one step further.

Total Activation StoreSocial Connections Are Essential

The first fundamental truth revealed by the Harvard study was that social connections are really good for you. People who are more socially connected to family and community live longer, have less cognitive loss in their elder years, and even experience pain differently. People with a good social network remained happier and more satisfied with their life, even when they had increased levels of pain.

Working harder to achieve more, professional success, power and wealth are no substitutes for good relationships and had little effect on happiness levels of subjects. The study determined that loneliness is toxic to the emotional, mental and physical health of individuals. One member of the study became a president of the U.S., while others without those connections journeyed through life in the opposite direction.

Quality Matters More Than Quantity

The second most important finding from the study was that the quality of the participants’ relationships proved to be far more critical than the number. It’s a revelation that’s at direct odds with today’s quest for the greatest number of likes and followers on social media.

You may point to the number of people you interact with on social media for validation, but the most important element of a good relationship was the feeling that you could count on the people within those relationships. For example, a high-conflict marriage is worse for a person’s sense of well-being than a divorce.

Good Relationships Protect Us From Aging

The third and perhaps most important finding was that having good relationships that are satisfying act as a buffer to protect the body and mind from getting old. Good relationships won’t stop the march of time, but they do have a significant impact on the body and happiness.

If you’ve established good relationships with people you can count on within your family, community and work circle, the Harvard study indicates you’ll live longer, retain your cognitive faculties longer, be more satisfied, and happier. However, one area that can affect you dramatically is retirement.

Retirees that have made an effort to replace lost workplace relationships when they retired were much happier than those who didn’t. Unfortunately, many people don’t attempt to do so because it takes effort, relationships can be messy, and it can take people out of their comfort zone.

Begin a Relationship With Yourself

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It’s never too late to create a pampering relationship with yourself that will help you look as young as you feel. It’s just one way you can invest in your future best self and those all-important social relationships.