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Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT, CSCS is a licensed physical therapist in NJ, NY and a published author of “Physical Therapy Marketing For The New Economy” and the DVD “Electronic Health Records and Medical Billing Software Simplified – The Before, During and After Practice Workflow” (both featured on Nitin has written hundreds of articles on physical therapy marketing on his blog Nitin360, and has also written for IMPACT, ADVANCE and PT Magazine. Nitin has also served on the editorial board of IMPACT and PERSPECTIVES magazine, published by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).
In Touch EMR has now grown to over 1000 clients and the company founders have been seen on on CNNForbesHuffington PostAmazon, been featured as a ClearDATA success story, received the prestigious ONC certification2015 and 2016 PQRS registry designation, integrated with Microsoft’s cutting edge patient portal technology and initiated groundbreaking healthcare partnerships with companies like Novartis. All of this is possible thanks to clients across the country who have embraced In Touch EMR.

Janice Alvarez
Janice Alvarez is an all-star Account Manager at Total Activation. Janice’s knowledge of Total Activation systems is second to none, and she specializes in helping practices utilize our documentation platform in a variety of personalized ways. Janice is so awesome and professional that she’s always ‘in business mode’. If you can get her to laugh on the phone, then ask to have Nitin reach out to you and personally coach you for 30 minutes. That’s how much we want to make Janice laugh.

Joy Alvarez
Joy Alvarez (yes – they’re sisters!) is an Account Manager for Total Activation and loves helping clients train on new systems and use new tools and features. If you ever need to run some specialized reporting to track your internal metrics… Joy is the expert. Ask Joy who her favorite sister is when you talk to her, just for fun.

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Ronald Davis
Ronald Davis (a.k.a the ‘Sage’) serves as the Chief Business Strategist for Total Activation and Referral Ignition. He works closely as a business consultant, with Referral Ignition Elite and Mastermind clients to grow their private practices by implementing strategic marketing tactics and by collaborating to utilize our resources systematically and consistently. Numerous resources are available to our coaching clients, who participate in the Referral Ignition training program, which includes discounted licenses to In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller Pro.

Vinay Chhoda
Vinay Chhoda has a Masters in Finance and is a Chartered Financial Analyst with over 7 years of experience across corporate strategy, financial management, commercial banking, private equity and investment research. He has been ranked as one of the top equity research analysts in India in 2012 and has advised clients across India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and the US. He is currently managing finance and corporate funding at Total Activation and is an active member of the operations and strategic development division at Total Activation.

Simone Veria
Simone Veria is one of the most consistent and gritty staff members we’ve had in a long time. Guess what – she’s Krishna’s sister! See – we’re so great with our staff that we have a history of attracting their siblings! Jokes aside, Simone is another all-star and her biggest strength is her ability to improve upon existing internal protocols, allowing us to constantly ‘up our game’ with our clients. Just like her sister, Simone is extremely responsible and dedicated.

Mary Bartolome
Mary Bartolome is an Account Manager and Implementation Specialist who will help to train your staff on our systems in no time. Mary is a highly focused, hard-working member of our team who handles a variety of tasks and who is happy to help you at any point in your clinical workflow. If you want Mary to laugh out loud, ask her “How awesome is Nitin?”

Andrea Babula
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