About Us

Dr. Nitin Chhoda

We’re Dr. Nitin Chhoda and Dr. Ritika Gulrajani, a husband and wife team of physical therapists and certified strength and conditioning specialists who understand the importance of holistic health.

Total Activation is our family-run business, working for the last 15 years against the ‘big name’ health and skincare conglomerates and corporations with products that often create more problems than they solve.

Today, we’d like to help you discover the Total Activation System and a body that works in total harmony.

To get started, choose any of combination of products in our Total Activation system.

When combined, our complete line works together to unlock the best version of you, treating the core causes of our most common problems from the inside out.

If you need help getting started, we’ve created a 15 Day Total Activation Planner, a step-by-step guide to unlocking your mind and body’s true potential.

We’d like to personally thank you for joining us for the incredible transformation you’re about to experience.

If you have questions, you can contact us at or call us at 800-599-7276.

Is It Time to Bring Out the Best Version of You?

If you're ready to fully activate your mind and body to look and feel vitalized, youthful, and energetic, you need to start from the inside.

At Total Activation, we believe that unlocking the best version of you starts with the fuel and nutrients you give your body.

Most people will try dozens of "fixes" and "fads" in a lifetime, falling for the same old trick of treating an "outside" problem instead of looking "inside" at the source of the signs of aging, metabolic slowdown, and lack of energy we face.

Our mission is to break through the myths of fitness, diet, and skincare, to bring you "fad-free" solutions that work from the inside out to rejuvenate your mind, body, and energy.

Before you learn how our Total Activation System works with your body to bring out the best version of you, we want to ask:

When Was the Last Time You Fell for a "Fad?"

Skincare, fitness, supplements or "stubborn belly fat"—there's a mistake around every corner you turn.

Everywhere you look, gurus are ready to sell you anther workout plan or workout challenge. Each year you can trace the trend of the "next miracle diet." Creams, serums, and skin re-conditioners are a multi-billion-dollar marketplace.

On top of it all, we live in a world that dictates the way "beautiful" looks while demanding more and more of our energy every day.

We're forced to believe we need to lose weight to feel great. We're convinced to fight aging no matter how old we are. We're told, again and again, what the "secret" to more energy, a faster metabolism, less fat and better skin is—only to find out that it was just a lie told to make more money.

But when was the last time you tried the latest trend? When was the last time you fell for a "fad?"

The health, fitness and beauty industry breaks up the way you look and feel into different categories—skin care, supplements, workouts, and more. In the end, it's all done to make more money and to keep you coming back for more.  

There's a reason the fads you've tried haven't worked – they're not designed to actually produce high-impact results to help you live a better life.

That's where Total Activation comes in.

About Our Total Activation System

We're Dr. Nitin Chhoda and Dr. Ritika Gulrajani, a husband and wife team of physical therapists and certified strength and conditioning specialists who understand the importance of holistic health.

We founded Total Activation and created the Total Activation System because we believe true health starts on the inside.

Here's Why YOU Matter

When we say, you need to start from "the inside," it's not just about burning more fat, boosting your metabolism, or supporting healthy skin or hair.

We mean that YOU matter.

The products you use and supplements you give your body can work together to help you bring out the best version of yourself.

It's called living an Activated Lifestyle, and through Activated Living you can achieve so much more than fitness or looks.

You can live with more motivation, a better mood, more energy and discipline to get through your day, and experience the joy of life that diets and fitness fads lack.

We're Here to Tell You:
You Can Be Your True Self

With a focus on Total Activation of your mind and body, you can experience a complete transformation in the way you look, the way you feel, and the way you think about yourself.

It all starts with what you put into and on your body.

Our Total Activation System, a combination nutrition, skin care, and whole health strategy is designed to help you meet these goals quickly and easily. 

Let Us Help Your Body Work in Total Harmony

Total Activation is a family-run business, working for the last 15 years against the 'big name' health and skincare conglomerates and corporations more concerned about their bottom line than the way you look and feel.

We combine Eastern Philosophy and tradition of purity with Western medical research and advancements to bring you supplements that unlock a better version of you from the inside out.

We Believe The Best Version Of You Is Just Waiting To Be Activated.

But to get there, you need to help your body work in total harmony—through supplements, health and skin products, and a plan all working together to help you feel better about yourself and look better at the same time.

Discover Our 10-Step Commitment to Product Integrity

Total Activation of your mind and body starts with what you give your body. Our 10-step commitment to product integrity guarantees total activation not only because of the research-backed nature of our products, but an unwavering dedication to what goes in our products and supplements. When researching a product, you should ask:

Once you use a Total Activation product, you will see and feel the difference.

You will experience a superior product, top quality ingredients, and outstanding results. This is backed by our 1-year money back guarantee. 

Our Commitment to Quality Assurance and You -
a 1-year Money Back Guarantee.

Most companies test random samples of the raw materials they receive. We test every single barrel of raw material, every time.

Once all testing is complete and approved, each ingredient is issued a Certificate of Analysis. This is our first line of defense to guarantee that our ultra-strict purity, safety and potency standards will be met.

All of this is made possible thanks to highly qualified personnel who care about your finished product and by heavily investing in the most advanced lab equipment available.

This is your time, and it's time for Total Activation. Shop our store today!



A nourishing blend of bio-active antioxidants, plant lipids, Aloe, and bioactive compounds combined with the exfoliating power of coconut and sugar, Total Cleanser rejuvenates skin while removing dead skin cells, opening pores and replenishing nutrients to reveal a fresh and firm complexion. Use daily to reveal visibly radiant, brighter and softer skin.


Facelift serum increases natural collagen production with clinically-tested botanicals from Eastern medical tradition combined with the proven age-defying power of Hyaluronic Acid. It quickly absorbs into skin, activating collagen production. Experience an increase in firmness and enjoy rapid skin rejuvenation with the revolutionary Facelift Serum!


Nourish the thinning skin around your eyes with rejuvenating nutrients and specially formulated peptides developed specifically to firm brittle, delicate skin. Apply Miracle Eye Gel every morning and enjoy vibrant eyes that look years younger all day long. You’ll find yourself relying less on concealer to cover up wrinkles, instead celebrating your natural beauty.


Activate timeless beauty with the maximum strength age reversing power of Timeless Cream. Our most powerful skin rejuvenation formula target treats the appearance of wrinkles and lines with natural HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and CoQ10 for rapid healing and instant firmness. Apply to all areas of the face and body to promote clear, smooth skin with visible improvements after just a few applications.


Total Activation Aloe Butter is a full-body skin rejuvenation cream formulated for use anywhere on the body. Aloe Butter activates younger skin using a precisely engineered vitamin blend capable of revitalizing skin. Apply on hands, arms, legs - anywhere your skin needs support and firmness.


Protein supplementation activates collagen production while strengthening skin.Total Activation Whey Isolate contains natural glutathione, an amino acid structure that slows skin and muscle degeneration. Just one scoop daily helps your body make activate healthier skin. For best results, use to support a complete Total Activation regimen or pair with your favorite bio-active cleanser and serum.


Maximum strength Krill Oil provides 500 mg of 100% pure krill oil packed with potent Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids along with EPA and DHA. Krill oil may improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost heart health. Helps activate skin from the inside out by supporting healthy circulatory function.


Take Flaxseed Oil daily to activate your body’s biological skin-firming processes. Flaxseed Oil works from within your body to keep skin from shrinking and flattening out. Traditionally applied topically, Total Activation Flaxseed Oil is ingested as a supplement to enhance skin activation from within. This easy to swallow 1000 mg per capsule supplement is an easy way to give your body the omega fatty acids it needs.