Influencer Guidelines

Total Activation is giving away free products of its premium product line, worth $50 - $100 in exchange for posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest as applicable. We cover the cost of the product, including shipping. In a few cases, an additional consideration (payment) may be made to certain top influencers.

We are looking for beauty influencers to share photos and videos of our revolutionary line of skincare products and nutritional supplements that work in synergy, with their followers. Please note that these photos and videos may also be used by Total Activation on the online store, email and Total Activation's social media channels.

Total Activation is a premium line of skincare and nutrition products that work together, for the forever beautiful woman. All products contain organic and natural ingredients, and are formulated with precision to nourish the skin and body. For women who care about what they put ON and IN their body. Discover why international fashion models, mom bloggers and women all over the world are embracing the lifestyle on this website - Entire line of products is proudly made in the USA.

Please read these 10 guidelines carefully before you decide to collaborate with us. We look forward to working with you!

  1. Send us your mailing address through the Collabor8 platform. Also provide your email. United States residents only. Exceptions may be made for certain overseas influencers.
  2. Read our product philosophy at
  3. Spend 5 minutes reviewing the product line at Send us a message telling us which product you are interested in, or just tell us "you decide" We will mail you the product and pay for shipping, and track the product delivery at our end.
  4. When you receive the product, read about it (a brochure will be included), and also review the product description online. Click here to visit the Total Activation store and check out the website descriptions of the specific product(s) you were sent.
  5. The above will give you specific items / an outline to create your own review / post / picture. Create it in your own voice, with your own style. A good rule of thumb for blog posts is Intro-What-Why (Intro - introduce the product by name, What - What it does / Its Ingredients and Why - Why you recommend it to your followers)
  6. When posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Pinterest, use #TotalActivationSkin and #TotalActivationNutrition and #ActivateLife. Also tag our channel at @totalactivation wherever you post.
  7. For Instagram influencers, here is an example of how to post. For those posting on their blog, you will be assigned a google short link that should be included within your post.

    Facebook / Twitter - include the link to the product directly within the post

    Instagram - Place the link in our bio for a minimum of 72 hours and call this out in your post (check the link in my bio). This is important because this is how we can measure clicks back to our site.

    Youtube - Place the link in the first line of your video description (above the fold) and call this out in your video (check out the links in the description below)

    Blog - Please link directly to that product on our website or to our home page (not a google short link)

  8. For photos, the picture should be original and include the influencer posing / presenting with our product. Below, you will see examples of some influencers with our products.
  9. Before the influencer posts the picture / content, they must get approval from the company. To get approval, send an email to with the subject line “Influencer - (Your name) (Product name) - Instagram / Facebook / Twitter review". The email should contain the photo, video, content of your post, the channel you will post to, the date you plan on posting, and other relevant files. For example, here is a subject line: "Influencer - Jane Smith (Miracle Eye Gel) - Instagram + Facebook review" followed by body content with photos, content etc.
  10. Only when we respond saying ‘approved’, can you post the review. Once you post, reply back to Elaine with the links to your posts. Once we verify, payment (if applicable) is released. Please do not post another piece of content for at least (two) hours after publishing the post. Please do not delete your posts after they have gone live, unless you need to edit and republish it for any reason. The post should stay on your channel.

If you still have questions after reading these guidelines, click here to schedule a call with our CEO Nitin Chhoda. You can also try calling Nitin at his direct line at 201-430-5358 but it's best to schedule the call with him ahead of time. Click here if you want to learn more about our CEO and his business background.