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5 Skincare Myths
for Women Over 40
Model and skincare expert reveals her age-defying secrets-and how to naturally take
20 years off your skin

Hi, I’m Chrissi Topoleski, skincare expert and model.

I often get mistaken as a 40-something year old. And once, someone thought I was 28!

Which is why you might be shocked to know I’m approaching my 60s. Really!

How? Well, my secret isn’t genetics. I wasn’t born blessed with this complexion.

What most women over 40 don’t know is, only 10% of skin aging is genetics.

The remaining 90%? Well, that’s up to you!

Don’t believe me? In a university study, researchers looked at 79 pairs of identical twins. They compared their complexions.

And guess what, ladies? Even though these twins were born only seconds apart, one of the twins looked years older than the other!

That’s right--one of the twins would have more fine lines, visible spots, darker eye circles, and saggier skin. Even though genetically, they’re practically the same!

How is this possible? Well, I can tell you each twin took care of their skin differently
(if at all!).

Why do most anti-aging skincare products end up in the trash?

It took me years to finally find skincare products that actually work on my skin. I used to cycle through new serums, moisturizers, cleansers, creams...hoping one day, I’d find the one.

Sadly, one of three things would happen:

  • 1) The product would feel REALLY greasy on my skin
  • 2) My skin would get irritated
  • 3) Even after using it for a whole month, I’d see no difference

Ugh, it was so frustrating! I grew sick and tired of endlessly going through night cream after night cream...or cleanser after cleanser...only to throw them all in the trash.

The problem? I was guilty of believing a lot of fake advice about skincare.

Once I discovered the truth about reversing aging, I finally saw a beautiful difference in my skin.

Which is why I’m about to reveal to you the top 5 myths you’ve been hearing or reading out there. And of course, I’ll show you what to do instead.

Read on to discover how you can naturally take years off your skin...

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5 Myths About Defying Aging
(Plus 5 Anti-Aging Tips)

When I turned 40, it felt like all of a sudden my skin changed.

I’m talking deep lines, “crepe-y” skin, dark eye circles, scaly patches, aging spots...
you name it!

I knew my options were to either 1) cake on the makeup, or 2) figure out how to properly take care of my skin.

At my age, I wanted to get rid of these skin problems for good! Not hide underneath a ton of foundation and concealer.

That’s when I decided to figure out the truth about skincare.

After trying out hundreds of different skincare routines, I can tell you a lot of skincare advice misleads you to buy products you don’t need.

Well, I’m here to tell you the truth. Because now, my skin glows naturally from the inside out. No one believes me when I tell them how old I am.

And people are always shocked when I tell them I’m not wearing makeup!

Myth #1: You need a night cream as you get older.

Do you know why department store night creams are so pricey?

Let me tell you, the price has nothing to do with effectiveness on your skin. Most brand name night creams are have high-end perfumes and scents in them.

Even worse, these night creams have harsh ingredients that are, well, harsh on your skin!

Finally, your skin can’t absorb most of the active ingredients that supposedly renew your skin.

So, throw out that night cream. A night cream on its own won’t eliminate signs of aging.

Finally, your skin can’t absorb most of the active ingredients that supposedly renew your skin.

Night creams aren’t designed to be absorbed by your skin. So, you’ll end up with a greasy layer of cream on your skin.

Ever had a grease stain on your pillow? You can thank your night cream for that.

My Anti-Aging Tip #1: Look for a cream with natural, bio-available ingredients your skin can absorb. I use a cream that blends beeswax, aloe, shea, and cocoa butter. It’s not too heavy, it’s great for all-day use, and it doesn’t make my skin break out.

Myth #2: The heavier the eye cream, the more effective

How many eye creams have you tried already?

Just like night creams, eye creams are guilty of adding a layer of grease on your undereyes.

Your skin won’t absorb the eye cream ingredients meant to heal your skin. Which does nothing to erase your under eye bags, crow’s feet, and dark circles.

Try this instead...

My Anti-Aging Tip #2: Use a gentle eye gel. Particularly, find an eye gel with organic ingredients like aloe, dandelion, licorice, periwinkle, jojoba, and geranium.

These botanicals soak into your skin quickly to erase years of late nights and stressful days. You’ll see your eye circles fade away and under-eye skin start to firm up!

Myth #3: Your skin needs exfoliators to get rid of debris and dead skin.

It’s true. Dry skin gives you wrinkles and dark circles. So can’t we just exfoliate away the dry and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin?

Not exactly.

Even the most gentle exfoliators can be harsh on your skin, leaving you with redness and inflammation. These exfoliators won’t solve one of the root causes of dry skin: collagen.

Once you hit your 30s, your body produces less collagen. In fact, menopause can make you lose up to ⅓ of your collagen!

And that’s not-so-great news for your skin. Collagen holds your skin together to keep it firm and smooth. So, without enough collagen in your body, you’ll see more wrinkles, spots, sagginess, and dryness

My Anti-Aging Tip #3: A good cleanser will do the work of a gentle exfoliator.

Say goodbye to your exfoliator and find yourself a gentle cleanser filled with natural, bio-active botanicals. In particular, look for plant lipid moisturizers (for skin hydration) and vitamin C to boost your collagen production naturally.

Myth #4: You only need a serum if your skin isn’t oily.

Maybe the last thing you want to hear is to add something into your skin routine.

Let me reassure you--the real magic in a serum is its natural collagen-boosting powers. The right serum can restore your skin’s firmness and natural glow. Even if you have oily skin!

In fact, my serum is my secret weapon--and I never go a day without it!

My Anti-Aging Tip #4: Find a serum containing natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Most serums contain synthetics and solvents your skin won’t absorb. They simply don’t work on your skin. Don’t waste your time on synthetic HA serums!

Natural HA melts into your skin to boost your collagen production--leaving you with glowing, firmer, wrinkle-free skin.

Myth #5: The rest of your skin isn’t as sensitive as your face.

I know too many women who spend hundreds of dollars on the most premium face skincare. These same women slather on a generic brand lotion all over the rest of their body!

I say this because the rest of your body needs nourishment, too!

Why? Your face isn’t the only place where wrinkles and aging spots form. What about your neck, hands, and legs?

And even high-end lotions contain harsh ingredients to potentially worsen your skin conditions.

My Anti-Aging Tip #5: Find an all-over moisturizing cream with organic, potent ingredients. I use a cream that combines Hawaiian aloe butter and beeswax. I use my cream in the morning right after I shower, especially in the winter. I no longer have to worry about dry patches in the colder months!

By avoiding these myths, you’re already one step ahead of aging.

Now, I’m about to reveal to you my secret weapon that gets people thinking I look 20 years younger...


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Women shouldn’t be looking outside their bodies,
using unnatural substances to cover up
wrinkles, lines, and signs of age.

Chrissi Topoleski - Skincare Expert & Model

This A-List Celebrity Makeup Artist’s Skincare Routine Keeps Her “Forever Young”

Jennifer Shultz is makeup artist for A-List stars. But don’t be fooled by her career. Jennifer doesn’t cake on the makeup on herself or her clients. She believes skincare comes first, makeup comes second.

In fact, Jennifer put this method to the test. She applied the 5-step Total Skincare Activation to the right side of her face.

After a couple weeks, she was shocked when she looked in the mirror!

In only a few weeks, she noticed a difference. The ride side of her face she treated with Total Skincare Activation showed fewer lines, a brighter glow, and more tightness.

It wasn’t because of a new cosmetic routine--it was Total Activation!


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This Simple Skincare Routine that
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2. Facelift Serum naturally supports collagen production and uses only plant-based HA collagen boosters. And it doubles as a toner.

3. Miracle Eye Gel is a nutrient-rich eye gel that is specially formulated to smooth wrinkles and soothe the delicate skin around your eyes.

4. Timeless Cream is a powerful anti-wrinkle cream that removes blemishes and lightens dark spots. It also moisturizes and protects your skin. It’s safe for all skin types and won’t cause breakouts. You can use it for day and night.

5. Aloe Butter is an all-over body moisturizer that soothes, protects, softens rough spots, and reduces inflammation. So you can have soft, smooth, touchable skin anytime.

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