“Surgery-Free Facelift”
Shocks Celebrity Doctors

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How This Activating At-Home Treatment Took Off 10+ Years of Tough Lines and Wrinkles

The secret to 10, 20 or even 30 years younger may already be sitting in your medicine cabinet!

One 5-step skin-activating regimen may be the answer you’re looking for.

All you need to do to try it is source the list of skin vitalizers and hydration enhancers you’ll see on this page.


They Called it the “Holy Grail” of
Beauty Treatment... Until It Worked!

Ask a plastic surgeon and they’ll tell you “impossible! You can’t get a facelift without surgery!”

One prominent celebrity surgeon calls the non-surgical facelift the “holy grail” of treatments.

But as time goes on, surgical treatments have begun to go out of style. Now that more and more people realize the impact of:

  • Free Radicals
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Sun Damage
  • Lack of Hydration

...we’re realizing just how much we can do to fight age before it happens—but that’s not why celebrity doctors are shocked (and seeing fewer patients).


Could this Be Why We’re Seeing Fewer Facelifts?

We asked model and skincare consultant, who helped develop a new facelift free skin activating system how skin care has changed for those who have made their appearance a career.

“We know what causes wrinkles and age spots now,” she shared, “today’s models are protecting their skin when they are young. I think that’s why we’re seeing ageless beauty from over 40 models and actresses.”

You see the warning signs everywhere—even go to a mall kiosk beauty booth and you’ll get the advice everyone in the industry has been giving now for years: Watch the sun, avoid tanning, moisturize, and protect your skin.

“Some of us got the message but didn’t listen,” Dee mentioned.

“I didn’t protect my skin in my 20s—I thought I would pay the price,” she said.

We now know what causes aging and what we can do to fight it.

Dee Dollard - Skincare Expert & Model


“I Didn’t Protect My Skin in My 20s
and I Thought I’d Pay the Price.”

The good news is this: If you didn’t protect your skin in your 20s, it’s not too late.

“Research has come a long way,” Dee said. “We now know what causes aging and what we can do to fight it.

You’ve likely already heard what happens as you age:

  • Collagen production slows (and then stops) and firmness fades.
  • Free radicals oxidize your skin and cause age spots.
  • Hormonal changes halt skin cell turnover.
  • And more

Now there’s a way to fight nearly every one of the physiological changes, you can do more than prevent and protect, you can actually fight against age.

“I’ll admit,” Dee said, “I’ve been to a plastic surgeon for a consult. I felt like I had to—when 40 comes up on you, it’s been a must for models actually making money in this industry.”

“But what he said shocked me,” she added. “He told me I can’t do anything more than you’ve already done.”

We worked with Dee while developing the Total Activation skincare system to implement the strategies she relies on to keep her skin looking young. Below you can see the 5-step “non-surgical” strategy that caused plastic surgeons to turn her away PLUS the nutrition-based from the inside out younger skin supplement plan that keeps her skin looking young.

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First, Look at this 5-Step From the Outside Skin Activating Process:

Total Activation’s 5-Step Skincare System uses 5 inner beauty activators designed work with your body’s natural skin rejuvenation systems.

“Just last year Vogue called ‘Skin Care the New Makeup’ after over-40 celebrities like Sarah Silverman and Susan Sarandon appeared in the Vogue ‘Most Beautiful’ cover shoot celebrating ageless beauty without concealer, foundation, or even any makeup at all.”

“Their secret is an ability to unlock natural beauty—to activate it, Dee says, “the Total Activation line of products activates and unlocks your beauty using these very same principles.”

It’s a 5-product process—each component focusing on a specific area of skin rejuvenation and activation from within.


Here’s the Complete 5-Step Process from “New Makeup” Brand Total Activation

If you want to experience “The New Makeup” and revolutionize the way you feel about your skin and beauty, try the new complete Total Activation 5-Step Skincare System.

Step 1: Start With Skin Awakening Cleanser - Awaken your skin and promote natural cell turnover with a bioactive exfoliating cleanser. Natural sugars remove dead skin cells while vegan plant-based bioactives promote skin rejuvenation. Don’t just cleanse and open your pores, exfoliate and activate for a firm, youthful complexion.

Step 2: Naturally Activate Collagen Production – You need Hyaluronic Acid to activate collagen production and help rebound from fine lines, wrinkles, and aging skin. But have you learned about the activating difference between natural, plant-based HA and synthetics? It’s time to try the exotic plant extracts inside of Total Activation’s Facelift Serum.

Step 3: Erase “Eye Age” With Miracle Eye Gel – Your eye age is a dead giveaway – nearly everyone can look and tell how old you really are. Don’t just cover up your eye age, activate younger looking eyes with Miracle Eye Gel.

Step 4: Target Treat to Activate Trouble Areas – Use Total Activation Timeless cream to target-treat your most troubling age-marks, wrinkles, and more. Timeless Cream absorbs and activates from deep within to promote collagen production after just a few applications.

Step 5: Total Body Moisturizing with Aloe Butter – Rejuvenate, nourish, hydrate, and heal anywhere with a natural blend of beeswax, Hawaiian aloe, shea and cocoa butter in a single, activating blend.


Target-Treat from the Inside for Total Firmness

It’s worth asking the question right now: Why do you only fight the signs of age by targeting the surface of your skin?

Sure, some serums can help.

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and anti-fatigue creams can tighten your skin, enhance your complexion, and vitalize your look—

—but shouldn’t you start by slowing (or stopping) the biological processes working to cause age to begin with?

That’s the secret of those who look forever young (and it’s the science too). You need to work from the inside out to make the most of the products and treatments you hope will work form the outside in.


How Total Activation Become What Fox News Calls an “Insanely Popular Skincare Brand.”

Total Activation is one of the very first brands to launch a complete, skin-first, makeup later brand of beauty activators.

What began as a movement to educate women, end makeup addictions, and help activate skin you’ll love to look at.

“What’s clear from research,” Dee explains, “is that what really matters in life is how we think of ourselves.”

She adds, “Every time I look in the mirror—even when I’m not wearing makeup—I want to love the skin I have. That’s why I use the Total Activation 5-Step System every day.”

The incredible skin activating results Dee has helped create and show the world is one of the reasons why Sadie Murray from The Bachelor calls Total Activation an “insanely successful skincare line.”

You don’t need a facelift.

You just need the research-backed, celebrity-proven power of Total Activation’s 5-Step Skin Rejuvenating Regimen.

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