Time for a Skin Care “Gut Check.”
Do You Really Know What It Takes to Have Healthier, Younger Looking Skin?

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We all want great looking skin. But are you giving your body what it needs to get it?

Many people think that applying creams and lotions will solve your skin problems. But that’s just treating the symptoms.

What we’re seeing more and more – especially in celebrity circles – is just how important nutrition is for your skin.

But even if you’re doing everything you can to eat healthy, you may not be doing enough.

You need to get to the root of the problem—and by “root” we mean your GUT.


“Nothing Else You Do Matters”

Jayne Marie’s story is typical for so many of us.

Like a lot of people, Jayne spent a lot of her time and money on skincare. “It was a priority for me,” Jayne Marie says, “but I didn’t see any results.”

“I was frustrated. I began to think nothing would help.” Jayne Marie remembers. “My skin health was so important to my career in modelling, and I knew I had to find a way to keep it looking young or find a new job.”

She says, “Years of skin creams, moisturizers, and serums made absolutely no difference. I was at the end of my rope.”

Then Jayne Marie discovered what she calls her “miracle,” Ultra7 Probiotic.

“Nothing else I did mattered,” Jayne Marie says, “until I tried Ultra7 Probiotic.”

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You Are Not What You Eat.
You Are What You Absorb.

Jayne Marie, like many people, was treating the symptoms of her skin problem rather than its causes.

On a regular visit to her doctor, she mentioned her frustration. Her doctor asked her what she was taking for it.

“Taking for it?” Jayne Marie asked. “I didn’t know what he meant. That’s when he told me about probiotics.”

She says, “The problem was that I thought skin health came from the outside. What I’ve learned is that like all health, skin health comes from within.”

“My doctor explained that the nutrients I absorbed through my body mattered more than what I put on my skin.”

She remembers, “He told me ‘You are not what you eat. You are what you absorb.”


The Key to Total Skin Activation

Jayne Marie learned that just eating healthy wasn’t enough. What mattered was the nutrients her body was able to absorb.

Jayne Marie found the key to total skin activation was a healthy gut. “My doctor told me that there are bacteria in my digestive system that can affect the way my body absorbs nutrients.”

“After my appointment,” she remembers, “I got really into researching gut bacteria and skin health. What I found out changed my life, not to mention my skin.”

She discovered that the key to skin health was the Gut-Brain Connection. What goes into our bodies isn’t what determines our health. It’s about what actually enters your system.

The health of the gut, according to Harvard University, effects all of our body systems. From general health to mood, the gut is what matters.

Jayne Marie remembers, “When I learned about the importance of the gut, I realized I needed to take control of my health from the inside out.”


Why Ultra7 is the Core of
Total Activation’s 5 Ageless Activators

Our digestive systems are full of bacteria. Some of them help us absorb nutrients, which leads to a healthy body and, of course, glowing, radiant skin. Some of them prevent our bodies from absorbing nutrients.

Our stomachs contain over two pounds of bacteria! These bacteria break down many of the carbohydrates our bodies are unable to process. They are changed into energy, vitamin B and vitamin K. Vitamins B and K are an essential part of skin health. But if your gut isn’t processing carbohydrates properly, you don’t get their benefit.

The key is the balance between the good bacteria and bad bacteria in your gut. The good bacteria should make up about 85% of our stomach bacteria. But often, there is an overgrowth of bacteria that stops your system from breaking down nutrients.

Helping Your Body Absorb the Nutrients You need.

Ultra7 Probiotic boosts your healthy gut bacteria with its proprietary blend of over 5 billion probiotic organisms. Added to this blend is the clinically tested compound DE111, a compound designed to aid in optimum digestive health.

The result is an efficient gut, full of good bacteria that helps you process more of the nutrients you need.

Jayne Marie says, “It made such a difference in my life that it inspired me to share what I learned with others out there who had been through the same struggle I had.”


Check Out all 5 Activators Today

In her work as a skin care activist and Total Activation Skincare advocate, Jayne Marie has found that a total health approach to skin care has the best results.

“The skin is the biggest organ in the body,” she explains. “Just like we need the right nutrients for heart health, we should be making sure we are getting everything we need for healthy skin.”

The Total Activation 5-Step Nutrition System is designed to fight aging from within.


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